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Running a little music label ain’t easy – for us, the hardest thing is keep all the great musicians motivated to come to the studio, especially at the end of an album cycle during endless over-dubbing.   Here’s a tip:  puppies.  Well, specifically cock-a-poo puppies.  Musicians love them.    We brought little Lewie in our lives and the studio was full for about 12 weeks. Sadly, he’s yesterday news for the musicians, although still a critical part of the family lives.  So, with Toby’s passing, we’ve gone for a little friend for Lewie – a little girl, black with some white.  Born a couple weeks ago, and able to come to the house in June. 

She’s the one in the middle.  Looks like sea lions on a rock.

[Update: since this blog, we’ve received a second picture of our new little studio dog…here she is:]

We expect some busy studio days this summer!

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