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Now I know it isn’t quite summertime yet but with this weather I couldn’t help myself writing a blog about the song Summertime by George Gershwin from his Opera Porgy and Bess here it is …

This then led to many different Jazz covers some with Charlie Parker and Strings but my personal favourite has to be the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version ….

You can even find this song in R&B with Will Smith himself doing a cover of this song …

Here is a dubstep cover of it!!

Here is an accapella version ….

I think the fact this song has been able to go into so many different types of genres is incredible and shows that there really must be a golden thread running through all the different types of music. I think though what allows this song to be moulded into so many different styles the fact that it is such a simple song that doesn’t impose anything what so ever which is what makes it such a relaxing song and very chilled out I hope you like it as much as I do

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