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Starting at Abubilla this weekend, I am slowly meeting the many members of the Abubilla gang. There’s always lots of lovely talented people coming and going – today I met Milly, who I have been listening to play some very fast, complicated and awesome violin in the studio – and when I can, I look through the Artists section online.

Today, the first artist I looked into was Chris Kozlowski, the newest of the Discovery Artists. He is the man behind Discovery 04: No One But Yourself, which, very excitingly, is now available on iTunes!


It may just be because the holidays are only 4 weeks or so away, but when listening through the album, there was a definite Christmas-y feel to the music. The album as a whole is easy, feel good listening with rich harmonies and twinkling acoustics that makes me feel like snuggling up with a blanket and hot chocolate. His songs are to me the perfect amalgamation of folk coupled with the raw harmonies of Amish hymns, with a modern edge and simple, resonating lyrics.

But each song seemingly sources different inspiration; the bluegrass vibe on Cut My Hair contrasts a rougher, rockier tone on Siren Song. He manages to achieve diversity from track to track whilst still remaining true to his acoustic, folk-y roots.




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