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Do you not have a summer job? Wow, that big old gap on your cv is going to look really bad in the future. REALLY bad. As it happens, we’re hiring at Abubilla, but only if you’re vaguely competent and/or attractive.

Just kidding, you don’t need to be attractive, because you can work from home! We don’t want to see you at all. We’re looking for people to help us gather research on the tribes of East Africa for the music map we’re developing for the Singing Wells project. You can check that out here:

We’re looking for people to work 20 hours for £100, which is super casual so you can still get all your sitting around doing nothing done, if you’re into that (and I assume you are because you don’t have a job). You can get a reference afterwards and you can have a fancy title to put on your cv (maximum three adjectives). The research process is pretty straightforward – you’ll be assigned a category and then you sit at home in your pyjamas googling, encyclopaedia-ing, Jstor-ing and, occasionally, having to trawl through pages of an obscure, slightly racist book written during the colonial period.

Basically you should work for us if you don’t have anything to do, because otherwise Rosie and I will have about a billion times more work that we would care to do, what with our penchant for sleeping and watching Snog, Marry, Avoid. If you’re interested, email us at or .


And here’s a bit more about the Singing Wells project:

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