Musical Compadres Part 1: Chris

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What do you think of the name?  I really mean related artists but that sounds boring and I’m trying to entice you read this post, so I had to jazz it up a bit.

Here are a few bands/musicians that are a bit like Chris.  If you like him you’ll enjoy these, and vice versa.

1. Bon Iver

Unintelligible, Grammy-winning, folky fella from Wisconsin plus band.  Chris has better diction.


2. The Tallest Man On Earth

Like Chris, able to make one guitar sound like many. Unlike Chris, likely to murder you if you threaten to tell his girlf about his extracurricular activities.


3. Jay-Z

Jay-Z has 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one.  Chris also has no problems with bitches because he would never refer to women in such a derogatory way.


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