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I got an email from Jimmy earlier saying that our 1000th blog is coming up and we should celebrate it. Having felt a lurch of panic and guilt because I thought we’d already passed the 1000th and I didn’t know how to break the news, I’ve since realized how the scheduled posts page works on the blog thing, and I am pleased to announce that THIS IS THE 1000TH BLOG!! Here are some lovely or important blog moments from the not-so-distant past:


10. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/you-can-close-your-eyes-its-alright/ Jimmy gets teary over Eddie Vedder. I love a bit of Eddie Vedder, although he released a ukelele album recently that I wasn’t wildly into. Talking of Wild, he did the soundtrack to Into The Wild (if you haven’t seen it, watch it, you’re missing out on both a cultural staple and a really good reason to have a map), which is totally fabulous. I read an interesting article on Kristen Stewart earlier, who was in Into The Wild before the Twilight thing happened. I suggest you read that too. http://katespencer.tumblr.com/post/12199891175/why-kristen-stewart-matters-a-screed-about-girls-role


9. Jimmy is overwhelmed by memories as Adele steals the show at the Brits. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/the-brits-adele-promotes-our-logo/ Also includes a fabulous video of the Spice Girls, prompting everyone with eyes to wonder – what are they wearing?? Who decides on this stuff?? I can say for sure with absolutely no sarcasm that I want to see more girl bands dressing like this. I’m also wondering why the vulva-high miniskirt never caught on – surely the worst thing about a mini is worrying that everyone can see your pants when they’re not supposed to (that’s why I never wear them anyway), but if everyone’s supposed to see your pants…? Well surely that’s a game changer. Your move, high street.


8. Rosie offers some enlightening information of waterbears. Apparently they’re tiny, squishy and totally invincible. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/magical-waterbears/ You rock, waterbears. And that’s the first time I’ve felt it proper to utter the words ‘you rock’ in a long time.


7. Jimmy remembers Robin Gibb. We are all very pleased that he managed to marry Kathy and is no longer sitting in the corner of a bar doing disco moves. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/remembering-robin-gibb-and-not-all-memories-are-fond-ones/ I don’t know the story of how Jimmy and Kathy met. I assume it doesn’t involve aforementioned disco moves? Could the darkly tinted disco memories explain why we don’t disco in the studio? So many questions… There’s a whole other blog here.


6. Tati, a bright and shining asset to the Abubilla community, starts forth on a blogging extravaganza known to all as ‘Tati’s Journey’. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/tatis-journey-part-1/ Tati is hilarious and wonderful, and always appreciates fanmail and sweeties.


On an unrelated note, I’m watching Willow Smith whipping her hair right now and, much as I love her because she’s totally adorable (and also a ridiculous little thing but I totally want to dress like her anyway, which I can’t do because she is a child and also way more badass than me), I hate this fashion of sticking things on nails, like little chains and badges and things. I just hate it, it looks ridiculous and DON’T YOU THINK, ladies of pop, THAT I DON’T KNOW WHEN YOU RUB YOUR FACE LIKE THAT IN YOUR VIDEOS, I DON’T REALISE IT’S JUST SO YOU CAN SHOW OFF YOUR INSANE, UNCOMFORTABLE LOOKING NAILS. I don’t want to see the nails. They are a lazy attempt at edgy fashion. But I do love Willow. I hope she doesn’t turn to drugs or sadness to cope with her fame when she is older.


5. Tati and Rosie are startled by the hugeness of Africa. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/abubilla-gets-its-map-on/ Okay, I always knew Africa was big, but that never felt so relevant to my life than when I started cataloguing the tribes of East Africa. So I’ve been whining, and cataloguing, and whining, and cataloguing (although researching tribes is actually super interesting and fun, aside from the heartbreaking regularity of female genital mutilation in a lot of tribal cultures), and now Rosie gets to map all of those things and we’re building a little army of researching people. Learning is fun!


4. Toby looks soft and fuzzy, leaves us to collect pebbles in the sky. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/toby-heads-off-to-chase-sky-stones/ Laters, bro. Big love. Time for a teacup sized puppy. On which note: I urge you to spare a moment for Sammy the angry cat, who probably hates everything more than usual right now, if Lewie’s cat-molesting genes are present in his teacup puppy sister.


3. Jimmy makes a list of quality adverts, bothers Tati who can’t remember what the song in the Sony Bravia advert is. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2010/funny-commercials/


2. Chris sings a song. Mike has short hair. Sammy becomes our youngest gang member, sings higher than Hannah. Rob does what Rob does best, plays bass like he just don’t care. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/cut-my-hair-by-chris-kozlowski-live-in-the-studio-in-london/


1. A comprehensive history of Abubilla – right up to our last Half Moon Gig, where we all disbanded after to Martyn’s desire to pursue a solo career as a radical beat poet splintered our happy family into tiny, lonely pieces. http://www.abubillamusic.com/2012/abubilla-music-our-history-to-date/ Just kidding. Martyn is very shy about his beat poetry; you’d hardly know it’s actually his one true passion. I suggest you put in a request for it at our next gig. A loud, persistent request.


And now for the next great adventure; get ready for blog number 1001.

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