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I’m pretty sure that not many of you have heard of the website Freecycle. Freecycle is similar to Ebay but totally different at the same time!

It is a website where colonies of people who live in specific areas (for example London or Richmond-Upon Thames) give away their belongings for free. This can be pretty much anything you want to give away or receive-from clothes to American pool tables.

Yes I am being serious, a full sized American pool table!

Of course it comes with a catch, you have to go collect the object from wherever its owner chooses-so you’d have to find a way of taking a pool table home. This is one of the situations where it won’t fit into your Volkswagen Polo or fit inside a train or bus!

This is what could happen!


You can sign up to lots of sections of the country-there are groups from Camden South, Kingston, Merton, Kensington and Chelsea; to the East Midlands and even Scotland. You can sometimes- if you’re lucky – find fridges, laptops and TV’s in full working condition which will obviously save you a lot of money if you’re finding you are feeling the effects of the economic downturn.

Freecycle is easy to use and a good place of finding things you need for free. But remember don’t just take things, it’s always good to give away things too.You never know if someone might need it!
And it helps the environment- so everybody wins!

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