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Combining a brief from Jimmy and flicking through the new music I nabbed from Rosie, here are five album covers I think are really cool.

Angus and Julia Stone: A Book Like This

An absolutely lovely little drawing. I adore the weird mix of characters, the town on one side, the forest on the other…. I also enjoy that the title is really relevant to the cover – they make each other make more sense, if you see what I mean. And not in the boring – this is ***’s album, so here is a BIG PICTURE OF THEIR FACE kind of way.


Babyshambles: Down In Albion

Although I think that book Pete Doherty wrote is pointless and awful (and pretentious, because everyone writes that sort of thing on napkins when they’re drunk, we just don’t then get them published in an expensive volume), I do like his little drawings. They seem to be pointless in a self-accepting sort of way. They go – yes, I am pointless, but I am not pretending to be otherwise. And when there’s a lot of aforementioned HERE IS MY FACE REALLY BIG ON MY ALBUM BECAUSE IT’S MINE album artwork, the simplicity here is refreshing.
Not that the my-face-my-album thing can’t be effective, it’s just… I am so bored of (everything, and also) girls with interesting, edgy make up on the cover of an album. It’s not a beauty spread, and it doesn’t really say anything interesting. Unless Grace Jones is doing it. I heard she once slapped an interviewer because they asked her a boring question.


For particularly amusing reference, check out and compare with the cover of Carl Barat’s solo album, ‘Carl Barat’. I can’t tell if it’s ironic.

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble

Okay I already had this one but I think it’s cool because the trippy-washy-yet-defined look matches their sound, and I also didn’t think this was anything at first, but now I think it’s a sousaphone.


Kate Rusby: Awkward Annie

Kate Rusby always (often) has totally gorgeous album artwork. Again, I love how simple it is. You could sew this stuff.


Procul Harum: Shine On Brightly

Who knows? I love it. Very Dali.

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