First Day on the Job

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After knocking on the wrong house and getting asked by a creepy old man if want to come in and talk to him ….

I was saved by Hannah the assistant who brought me in and introduced me to the Abubilla gang at which point were all just playing guitar and eating pizza. Unfortunately there was a slight mix up and there was no pizza left but I couldn’t complain since I had arrived way after lunch I just got stuck in and started looking at all the blogs of the company to get a sense of what it was really all about. The truth was I had absolutely no real clue what to expect at all. I had met some of the gang briefly at their gig on the 22nd of January at the Half Moon which was pretty awesome!! Then again for all I knew I could have been set for just working in the kitchen preparing nachos for a massive group of traveling Mexicans, I was feeling in the dark.

Luckily this wasn’t the case and immediately Hannah just filled me in by just showing me all the different blogs and things that the folks at Abubilla get up to and with every blog/new song I was shown the more excited I got about working here and about how most things people do here are unnecessarily awesome which Hannah summed up by saying simply “we are procrastinators of life” (sometimes). After an hour the only thing I learnt was that my little Toshiba computer had got completely violated by Hannah’s Macbook as mine would take so long to load that I’m sure galaxies formed and died in the time that I sat there waiting for Google to load. Technology was holding me back..

But then out of nowhere I was thrown in the deep end and me and Hannah were called into the studio to sing!!! ARGGHH!! All the equipment which had looked so awesome before now seemed not so cool but when the music started rolling it all didn’t seem so bad anymore. So Hannah went first to show me how it was done then I followed and tried to just improvise so vocal lines which was a bit daunting at first. But after a couple of goes it all came together until I heard it played back which was when I realized how I really sounded which really not very attractive but they liked it … I think so I was happy and that was the end to my first day as an assistant in Abubilla.

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