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So, you have your Mastered CD, you have your artwork. Now what you need is a production partner (ie a Duplication House)

When asking for quotes there are a few things you should check out for:

Things to check:

How much will it cost? in an ideal world, cost wouldn’t be an issue, but good value is important if you ever hope to make any money from your CD.

How Long will it take? again – a major factor in the ‘Cost-time-quality’ triangle – the idea being that you can usually choose 2 of them only. So things can be cheap and high quality, but they won’t happen quickly. They can be High Quality and produced quickly, but they will cost more and finally, they can be quick and cheap, but they won’t be the best quality.

What are the delivery charges? don’t be caught out budgeting for the CD production, but not factoring in the actual cost of getting the product to yourself.

Is there a UK landline phone Number? In the world of the internet, it is easy for a company to pretend they’re in the UK, when they’re actually miles away. While I’m not suggesting that companies outside the UK are not as reliable for quality or reliability, you will be protected by certain laws when buying and paying the UK. It will also make it cheaper for delivery, and it is always nice to confirm things are on track by telephone.



We have used Copysound for nearly all of our CD projects. (the only project we didn’t use Copysound for was a CD where they referred us to someone else).

Nigel offers a very personal service and can help you at all stages of the CD production.


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