Abubilla Goes On Holiday: Africa Oyé Festival

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This weekend a small band of Abubillans are heading up the long and winding road to Liverpool (see what I did there?) for the 20th anniversary of one of the city’s biggest cultural events of the year, and it doesn’t even involve the Beatles or lamb/banana cross-species.

As you probably guessed from the title of this blog post, we’re going to be a few of the thousands of people who this weekend will attend the Africa Oyé festival, the UK’s biggest festival of African music and culture.  While we’re there we’re going to use swanky press badges to meet and interview some of the amazing artists who will be performing plus take the opportunity to spread the word about the Singing Wells.

In case you’ve been living under a bridge and somehow missed us going on about this amazing project, I’ll enlighten you.  It’s a partnership between the Abubilla Music Foundation and Ketebul Music, an awesome record label based in Nairobi, Kenya.  Together we record East African tribal music to preserve it, and also to introduce it to the new generation of musicians in the hope that they’ll see its value and continue the traditions themselves.

Here’s a video which features some of the incredible music the Singing Wells have recorded and some excellent dance moves which a certain Miss Kalveks and I intend to break out at the after-hours DJ sets at Africa Oyé.  Hopefully it will inspire you to check out the Singing Wells and hey, maybe even hop on a train to Liverpool and join the party.


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