The Hand: Big Old Bird

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We spent a simple paragraph to describe in starkest terms relationship of 30 years.  I wrote a song for Kathy for our 25th Wedding Anniversary that tried to do the same thing.  It’s called Big Old Bird and each verse takes us through another decade of our relationship.  You’ll notice the first verse tell the story of the Peeps lounge and the 9 minute dance.  The second verse describes the years of CV building and the third the struggles with IVF.  The final verse finds us in London with three smelly teenagers.  The chorus refers to marriage as a ‘Big Old Bird’ that both parties have to keep in the air with constant ‘flapping’ and a constant balancing of each others’ strengths.  The middle 8 throws all this out and says, no, marriage is ‘about the girl!’   Here it is: Big Old Bird by AbubillaMusic


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