Overdubbing and the death of personality: Case Study

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We’ve discussed a lot the danger of over-producing new artists and destroying their unique voice.    Three quick case studies of this happening:

1.  Cher Lloyd:  So we remember her from X factor – Turn My Swag On:  So here now is a classic example of over-production, where she sounds like anybody and nobody:  Swagger Jagger:

The youtube video has twice the dis-likes as likes.  Because it is awful.   She’s not awful.  It is awful!   In contrast, here’s a wonderful example of under-production – Superheroes -and she’s fantastic: 


2. Diane Vickers:  We know her from Carry You Home:



And then they destroyed her with Once: 


And now we have Janet Devlin.  Please don’t ruin Janet.  And we promise not to totally ruin Tati:




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