This Week in the Studio: 10.01.10

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Posting this on a binary day and discussing a binary studio day — nirvana.   Not really,  that would be quite sad.  So here’s all the weird and wonderful that happened this Saturday. First, it was a seriously full house with all of Saturday Morning Canasta Club in attendance, plus Mike Park (drummer!) and Nataasha (film making, vocals).    We started with Immovable Thing with Andy and Ed adding layer upon layer of tracks for the ‘swelling ending.’  This led, of course, to Louise insisting that we also do an acoustic track — with just her, an acoustic guitar and this fictitous cello player she goes on about but who doesn’t appear to actually exist.  We’ve agreed to continue both versions in return for a cameo appearance of her imaginary friend.

Second, we worked a bit on Invading London, bringing Andy’s vocals in as lead on top of Louise’s.  This led to Andy nearly shattering his voice after only one take (or he really hates the song, which is a common Andy trick — ‘sorry mate, we were loving it, but our voice is gone!’ )  We have decided to test out Imogen (currently another figment of our imagination although she did subscribe to Newsletter so there is evidence of existence) as lead on Invading London.   This happened with the Knife Will Come, which went from me (crap powder), to Ed, to Louise, to Louise again and finally to Louise.    We’ll get there.

Then we had Andy take on lead vocals for Starin’ at My Shoes (George of the Jungle).  His shattered voice struggled with the Chorus, but a lot of this was getting that Jordie accent to sound like George of the Jungle.  Sigh.

Then we revisted Sat out the 15th, trying to move it from a 4.30 plodding dirge into a fast and snappy 3.00 minute wonder (as part of our commitment to less is more).  Played around with a punch of different versions but aren’t fully there yet, but folks want to give it a go.

Had long pizza lunch with Nataasha explaining her exploitation film, essentially a Saw 7 with Louise as victim.  We were sold when we heard about burning and Louise drowning in a bowl of blood!  This is all for a special Valentines gift to Newsletter Subscribers to be released mid-February.

Finally, returned to studio for a new twist.  Rob and Martyn both reviewed their songs.  Martyn revisted Big Knees and we all concluded we have a great virile video soundtrack on our hands — Martyn (face for radio), agrees to star.  Rob very kindly let us explore Grass Under Snow, co-written with his friend John Hackney.    Fun to explore someone else’s songs — and we encourage you to check out all of their stuff.

Ended with a quick look at Big Old Bird, with Louise putting down some backing vocals on the Chorus’s.  Then all hell broke loose with the arrival of Lewie, the 3 inch high Cock-a-poo Morgan got for Christmas.  Louise will be keeping a Lewie blog

That’s it for now.

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