My First Impression on being an Abubilla Assistant

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I am here for my second week of helping out as an assistant at Abubilla Music. I always find that a holiday is always better when it’s a nightmare to get there. So the fact that I went waaaay past the studio¬†on the bus in my attempts to get here today gives me high hopes for how this day will turn out!

Last Saturday, on my first day, I discovered that ‘work’ isn’t so bad. This job ensures I spend my Saturday with nice people, music and adorable/funny pets and so I am very satisfied with my find! I get to do things like order Abubilla hoodies (I used this website that lets you do it yourself, so me and Hunter have one saying “I am a very, very important assistant.”) make tea and coffee, order pizza and write blogs and do general admin… and things. Last week, Jimmy and Louise ambushed me as I was “working away” (or reading the website blogs..) in the conservatory and decided that I would be doing some recording!

So this was fairly nerve racking. First day. I have to sing.

It was so exciting, I’ve never done any proper recording in a studio before so I was very curious and amazed at all the highly technical and scary looking equipment! I listened to the song I was supposed to be backing and then attempted to sound decent. After this failed slightly and my screechy voice was recorded onto the system forevermore, I went back to my laptop. Jimmy remains to be very nice and reassuring but I really do hope that no one ever has to listen to that version of “Sat Out the 15th“!
(A really gorgeous song-Louise’s voice is. . well, you’ve probably heard it! wow!).

This week is hopefully going to be very productive. Tea? Coffee? Dog petting? Pizza? Hannah is on it. Yes.

And that’s what it’s like to be an assistant at Abubilla and every other 15 year old out there should be jealous!


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