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Some nice little pictures of ‘irony.’  While exploring, listen to the following song – and note that almost all the items mentioned aren’t really ironic at all…

So, headphones on and listen away:

And now some photos:

1.  Juicy photo

I knew Florida Orange juice was 100% somethin'

2.  Trees Falling in Woods...

There's a 'If a Tree Falls in the woods' kinda question in here...

3.  Fresh BLT’s?

that'll do, pig. That'll do.

4. Water for Sale

Oh, Black Water, Keep on Movin...

Music Break.  Change Songs.  This photo forced us to find another, more appropriate soundtrack…

5. nice Tourist Shot

6. Life’s a beach

7. Jobs…

8. Not Very Good Advertising

9.  Truth in Advertising

10. A good day to be a fish

11.  Sad

12. Sadder…

That’s it.    Ensure 1,000’s more at Friends of Irony…


(From Seattle)

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