The Office and Pattie Boyd and Louise on ‘Organised Fun’

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So far, in year one, the Office (American version) is our  Pattie Boyd. Pattie was inspiration for  as you know, our one fan (you know who you are):   Something, Layla, Wonderful Tonight and Bell Bottomed Blues.  That’s a lot of pretty good songs.  Yoko Ono was mentioned in two at least, Ballad of John and Yoko and Barenaked Ladies Be My Yoko Ono (which must be the most mentions of a name like Yoko Ono in music.

So what does the Office have to do with this?   Not much really.  It inspired 71 Hours to Monday, sort of, and maybe bits of the The Knife Will Come(imagining Dwight stalking Angela).  But, that’s a real push.   The real point was to plug the Office (both versions) and discuss list making  and song list triva and the venus and mars thing going on with all lists.

The boys like lists and constantly banter about it.  Louise and all the girls hate it.    They feel it is all about ridiculous trivia and designed to catch someone out and make them feel a bit inferior.  And the boys are like, ‘Dah.  That’s exactly what this is about?  What did you think?’

It came to a head when talking about an upcoming Spanish Jam.   The boys started talking about a good drinking game around song lists — songs with colours (Big Blue Sea), songs titles that never occur in lyrics (Tubthumping), etc…  Well Louise sort of blew a little pre-carb fit.  And started on this whole thing about ‘organised fun’ which really was about her hatred of lists and why boys get off on them.

So the boys have started an e mail around songs about girls throwing a wobbly (like Norwegian Wood.  A wobbly being the only explanation of why she wouldn’t be there next to a warm fire in the morning).  We’re having a lot of fun.  Please e mail your thoughts.

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