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Currently, the are four games in use by the group in Spain; these are:

  1. Canasta:  In the Summer Spanish Jam of 2009, the group was in Spain with their partners and discovered the joys of Canasta.   We mostly played with the wrong rules, but had fun any way.   See Rules
  2. Perudo (See:  http://www.perudo.com/ ).  This is pretty good with 6 people, including the kids.  Gets a bit difficult in candle light offering folks to lie both before and after dice are revealed.  We also tend to lose the green dice in the plants after the San Miguel has worked its magic.
  3. Mexicon Dominoes:  A major villa staple, where lizards replace trains as the marking pieces.   See: http://www.pagat.com/domino/train.html
  4. Song lists Trivia Games:  We don’t really want to talk about this! 

In addition, we have major ping pong championships and swimming races.    And sometimes we go in the studio.

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